This is the online magic shop of Jeff Hobson.  The effects for sale on this site have a no-refund policy.  "Once the magic is sold, the secret is told".  

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Hobson's Choice Magic

the best advise and products for the magical entertainer


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12 Chapters

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Size: 8.5 mg

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The PERFECT opener!

Perfect for kid's shows

Perfect for family shows

Perfect for MC's

Moderate skill required


in your POCKET!




by Jeff Hobson and Michael Holly

A Straight-forward penetration effect



NOW made lighter and lower priced!


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HOBSON “Perfect” EGG -

Designed for use with the Hobson Egg Bag

This is the FINEST fake egg ANYWHERE!

   “ Why use a delicate blown egg or a cheap plastic egg that can

break when you can have the BEST!” - Jeff Hobson

VISIBLE!  Large size!   2.5 X 1.75 inches!

CRUSH RESISTANT!  You’ll be amazed at how tough this egg is!

Hobson Ultimate Egg


U.S. or International


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You can also view video here:

You can also view video here:

Feather-Lite GOLF BALLS -

For use with the Hobson GOLF  Bag or Egg Bag

These are heavy-grade, practise golf balls that are perfect for the

HOBSON Golf Bag.  Do not use cheaper balls since they cave in easily when squeezed.  - Jeff Hobson


Feather-Lite Golf Balls

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Jeff Hobson's NEW Professional Magic Lecture



Online instant access to Jeff's newest lecture which includes;

     Flame through Silk

     INFINITY Card Control Principle

     Friendship Band - Great penetration effect

     Knife through Coat - The way it should be done

     Hobson's Sympathetic Silk Routine - The best!

Only $12.00


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Jeff Hobson's ORIGINAL Pro Magic Lecture

Online instant access to Jeff's EXPOSED lecture includes:

     SILK-TO-APPLE - Hobson's corporate opener

     BALLOON BAG - A staple of many kid-show magicians

     RIBBONS THRU - Hobson's kid-show closer!

     SALT POUR - DIY with items you probably already have

     WATCH STEAL - Hobson's gives his best advise

     CAUCASIAN BOX - Hobson's twist on the Jap Box

     KISS CARD TRICK - The easiest and best method

     HOBSON MATCH PULL -DIY- Only one that always works!


          and MORE!   2 HOURS of instruction!

Only $15.00


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Jeff Hobson's first book, Hobservations on Comedy Clubs, was written 25 years ago but the information is as relevant today as it was when it was first written.

     Now out-of-print, Hobservations on Comedy Clubs, gives concise and real-world advise on how to work in the world of comedy clubs or anyone who wants to perform comedy with magic. Chapters includes advise on character, audience management, hecklers, and content.

Only $1.99!

Note!: Upon purchase, you will be taken directly to the PDF. Please download or save link at that time. Link is not sent via email.-jh

Appearing Golf Club

Being the original golf nut, here is something I've used in my golf shows for many years - the appearing golf club.  You can use it as the finale' to my Hobson Golf Bag routine (as I do) or just use it as a gag on the golf course.

I've taken brand new golf club wedge heads and attached them to a new, silver appearing canes.  Sure, it'll all silver (unlike a real golf club) but, trust me, no one will ever care or notice because of the shock of the gag.  As I've said, I've used it as the finale' to my Hobson Golf Bag routine (btw, my Hobson Golf Bag is available on my regular site:  and the production of the club from the Golf Bag never fails to get a great reaction and the perfect ending to the trick.  The club is approx. 6" when compressed and 44" when released.  NO instructions included.  There are some YouTube videos on how to compress the club - it's not difficult but takes a little knack.  It's works exactly like an appearing cane.  You can learn from the YouTube video: "How to close the appearing cane"

Very happy to announce that these are available again!




Each bag will have different fabric characteristics. What may seem like a flaw or bump in the fabric is actually due to the exotic nature of raw silk and is to be expected.

NO COVER Knife Through Coat

Jeff Hobson's


7.5" Length - Visible!

Dulled point and edges safe

but looks SHARP!

Sure-grip handle

Carrying case included

Online instructions

Custom, one-letter monogram included!

Watch Hobson perform his NO COVER handling of the classic Knife Through Coat on U.K. TV circa 1989 and listen to the reactions!

Choice of monogram letter will be entered upon checkout.

If you do not choose, then the case will be left blank.

You will recieve instructional video link upon checkout....

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5 left!

Please allow one week

for monogram processing




Thimple Thimble

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Jeff Hobson's Pro Magic Lecture

For the serious performer, this is real-deal, inside information that can change your life if you want to make your living as an independent entertainer. Jeff rarely lectures due to his busy schedule however, this lecture was given for a small, privileged audience in Las Vegas, Nevada. The promise to this audience was that the information would not be shared to anyone else for at least 5 years. Jeff has not given this lecture since. The normal charge to attend this lecture was $50.00 per person. Now you have the opportunity to use this valuable information to your benefit for a fraction of the price. Worth many times to those who are serious about making a living as an entertainer. Subject includes advise on dealing with agents, finding and developing character, and handling clients and much more.



The best Egg Bag in the world.  Just ask anyone who owns one.  


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for 1 HOUR



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You can also view video here:

NOTE:  Ultimate Eggs and Golf Balls sold separately



The One and Only HOBSON Egg Bag

Limited supply

All Hobson Egg Bags are made meticulously by Yvonne Rochelle and personally checked by Jeff Hobson

These new colors are gorgeous!!!!

Peacock is made from the finest raw silk and machine-made which means that it the fabric is very smooth.

Eggplant and Abracadabra are both made from the finest raw silk available but the fabric is hand made which gives it a more natural "unfinished" finish found on old-style luxury furniture and clothing. We call Abracadabra fittingly because of the magical iridescence of'll see the fabric change from purple to blue hues and visa-versa as you turn the bag.  Quite beautiful.



Original Red

Golf Green


More cool

stuff below

Use pull-down menu

to select your color



I just received your bloody bag...and I am just so pissed...all these details...they are just so right, in every respect....the "bi-color" bag...yes, you love it, me too...but so evident..what a better way to explain the inside from the outside....and the so subtle art to be bulky, in the texture, to hide the " belly thing"....HAAAAAAA, how clever these things....and the bigger operture, so evident when you do evident that you just wonder why Malini and the followers din't thought of that before....

Hate you for sharing these subtelities, but loving you for the same reasons..

I fly tomorrow to Djerba, just one week in vacation, family included, I take the bloody bag with me...and will practice it ...

So many thanks....


An email from Gaetan Bloom regarding the Hobson Egg Bag





35 years in the making!

"This is equal to my Hobson Egg Bag - a STRONG effect. The simpliest, most direct, most visual, most worry-free method for the thumb tie. My Thimple Thumb Tie."

                                      -Jeff Hobson

U.S. Priority Shipping to U.S. and International


Only 6 left. ORDER NOW.

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NOTE: Color of thimbles may vary

SILVER -  Distinguished color of riches, has cool properties like gray, but is more fun, lively, and playful. The color silver is associated with meanings of industrial, sleek, high-tech, and modern, as well as ornate, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant.  Put Hobson's SILVER SHADOW to work for you and tell your audience you have class!






only 8 left!


no video


"I just got the egg bag. WOW WOW.  I have used all the other Egg Bag at one time. I love the Jeff Hobson egg bag it’s so far Beyond all the others. I only found one problem with it, why did I wait so long before I got the Jeff Hobson egg bag!!!!"  -BH